Happiness tip # 3


Take 20-30 minutes out of your daily routine for mild exercise. It is tempting to skip regular physical exercise but you would be missing out a great deal. A daily dose of mild physical exertion, even a brisk walk for 20 minutes, can yield tremendous positive results on your body, mind, and soul.

Some recent research shows that regular exercise can alleviate depression, and in many cases it was more effective. Physical exertion helps the brain release endorphin: theĀ ‘feel good’ hormone. Working out can serve as a powerful mental symbol for ability and achievement. After exercise we feel more triumphant and our sense of efficacy soars. When done regularly, exercise can create a mental pattern of ability and achievement. I have personally benefited greatly from this aspect. Since I started regularly working out, my conviction that I could achieve things I once had seen improbable or impossible grew stronger. It made a difference in my attitude and helped me become more optimistic about my chances.

You need to make exercise easily accessible in order to jump-start a new habit of regular work out. The preparations you need to start exercising such as going to the gym, wearing trainers (sneakers in US), putting on a suitable outfit, etc may becomeĀ barriers that make it seem harder for you to maintain the habit. Psychologists call the effort you put in necessary preparations: activation energy. The less energy you need to expend to get ready for exercise, the more likely you will keep up with your workout. It is smart to reduce the things you need to do to start exercising in order to minimize this activation energy. So it might be a good idea to have start exercising at home because the pain of going to the gym can be used as an excuse not to exercise. Finding a partner who works out with you, or a group of friend is a good idea. Sometimes wearing your sports outfit wherever you can, so you don’t have to change for the workout.

Find out a good reason to keep exercising such as health issues, looks, feeling good, etc. But the best reason in view is to realize that the more you take care of your body the more it will enable you to worship Allah better and longer. If you manage to regularly exercise with this motivation, I hope you will be getting much reward from Allah.

So workout daily, do it for Allah, feel better and happier! Peace!

December 4, 2014

3 Responses on Happiness tip # 3"

  1. Abir says:

    Assalamu alaykum , for mothers because I know for us things are always made a little more difficult.Walking walking walking!! especially for mothers with young children , I know Iv had 6 of them. It not only whips you back in shape , it feels effortless and it just feels good to get out and get some fresh air. Sometimes I would walk with my children in the pram and other times I would wait till my husband came home from work and do a quick 20 min walk around the block on my own , which also felt like a good mental break from the days routine.You could also get a friend to join you, parking at the children school after school drop off and taking a Walk around the block with other willing mothers is easy to organise. I also found joining a private boot camp program for mothers really good, other unfit mothers taking the fitness journey with me and we would often have our little ones in prams around us or the older ones with a baby sitter watching them for an hour, boot camps are really good for bringing up your fitness level quickly , boosting your fitness confidence to move on to other forms of exercise or joining a ladies gym (I believe in group exercising when you need the motivation ). You WILL feel better , clearer, happier for it and a stronger believer for it!

  2. Abir says:

    ….also wanted to add that there is no “right time” to take up exercising , if you wait for the right conditions then you may never initiate it. Sacrifice that little time and you will find that you will have the energy and stamina to go about your daily routine in an orderly fashion , things will come together eventually but initially you just have to forget about that basket of washing and the never endless chores ….just do it!

  3. Don says:

    I’m totally agree with working out at home I do p90x in my small room only have 2 dumbbell 1 door wall attached pull up bar with p90x you don’t need nothing else but your body to get world class workout and if you eat right you get results 20 faster and feel 200 times better

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