How to Handle Your Limiting Beliefs!

Asalamu alaykum wa rahamtullahi wa barakatuh,

This is Moutasem Al-Hameedy for rashidoon.com

How can you change your limiting beliefs?

What a big question! Ya…what a big topic!

Some people don’t even want to get there. And some people…this is all the excuse they have: It’s my limiting beliefs, it’s my limiting beliefs!

Let me give you the news first: If you want to change your limiting beliefs, you simply can’t…you just simply can’t!

If you have a belief, you can’t change it! It’s a fact!

So what should I do? Should I remain trapped in my limiting beliefs? Should I stay just as I am?

You don’t have to. You can actually change! But let me tell you something about limiting beliefs and changing limiting beliefs. You know everyone says…like…in psychology, in the self-help industry, in human development, and all that literature and the huge amount of videos and audios and writings that you read…they all tell you that beliefs are so powerful, and probably the most difficult thing to change is to change a belief. You can change a behaviour outwardly, but you need tons of energy to change a belief. And you can’t even change a behaviour – external behviour, an outward behaviour – successfully if you don’t change an inward behaviour, which is a belief.

I realized at some stage of my life that I had my own limiting beliefs…I had my own limitations in terms of the way I saw myself. At some stage I didn’t realize…I didn’t really feel…at some level I didn’t really feel I was worthy of doing something. I didn’t feel I was worthy of achieving some kind of success. That really limited my scope. That has stifled my progress in every aspect of my life.

And I read about all this literature about how to change your beliefs into empowering beliefs and I tried all of this, but what I found was that every time I was about to change a belief O realized Oh that takes a long time…it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. So it’s not going to happen overnight. It will probably take a few months or a few years…and slowly slowly the whole intention fades away. You know…just the notion of changing a belief could be really scary…just changing a belief.

You know…”I am going to change my limiting beliefs!!” You just realize it is going to take long. So you say: well, it’s gonna take long! Well maybe I’d better get busy with something else. Or maybe it becomes a daunting experience. You just become scared and fear takes over so you don’t actually go about changing that belief.

When I realized after years and years of struggle, striving, and research and experimentation, what I found out: you don’t have to change your limiting beliefs because you actually can’t. If you have a belief you can’t change it.

But what you can do, you can change your focus.

We have an external focus where we can actually choose either to look right or left, upwards or downwards. We can choose this external focus or external attention. But we also have inner attention: some kind of internal faculty to turn our focus to whatever thoughts we have. You can choose the thoughts you think about, to a certain extent.

So, actually your limiting beliefs are there. And even successful people…people who have reached the apex of their life…people who are experiencing and living life fully…people who have done everything…people who face all their fears…they step into their fears and they actually charge ahead and face whatever challenges life offers them. These people have limiting beliefs as well. And they didn’t change them. All what they did, they just learned how to shift their focus from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. Because we all have limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs; we all have these.

You have experiences in your life that have given you the beliefs that you actually can’t do anything. And you have experiences in life as well that tell you that you can do anything you want.

What happens…most people let their focus automatically go to the limiting beliefs. And that’s why they stay captive to these beliefs. They can’t do anything. They remain governed by their fears, subjugated by their fears and by their limitation. But successful people learn to make the shift from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. Their limiting beliefs are still there, but their focus is on empowering beliefs. And what you focus on tends to grow. You know, where attention goes, energy flows. So when you focus your attention on empowering beliefs, your limiting beliefs will be there but they will be deactivated. They will be out of the question…they will be out of the equation…they will be inactive!

And your empowering beliefs will actually be activated and that will reflect on how you go about dealing with challenges and reaching your goals and fulfilling your aspirations.

So you don’t have to change your limiting beliefs, just learn how to internally focus on the right beliefs. And by the way, this can work for you in every situation, and with every type of shift you want to create in your life.

What’s the difference between courage and cowardice? Focus!

Because a coward…their internal focus would go their limiting beliefs that tell them that you’re unable to do this thing, or you can’t handle this, or you’re too small for this.

But a courageous person, the only difference they have – they probably have similar limiting beliefs – what they have mastered is the ability to direct their focus to empowering beliefs: that you can do it…you’ve done that in the past, and you can do this, and you will come out of this victorious and triumphant. That’s all! It’s a matter of shift…shift your internal focus.

So you don’t have…that’s good news…you don’t have to change your limiting belief – because you can’t. Just let them be there…don’t activate them. That’s all you need to do. That places the responsibility with you. The responsibility rests with you.

Limiting beliefs don’t limit you unless you focus on them. So [when] we let the environment or whatever stimuli in the environment shift our focus to limiting beliefs, you’ll be limited. But if we manage to interpret whatever data is coming through the world, whatever challenges we’re facing through the world, to focus or to direct our internal attention to empowering beliefs, we’ll be…empower ourselves. It’s as simple as that!

I hope you found it beneficial!

Practice this as much as possible. As I always say: you need to practice this in ease, so it comes to your rescue at times of hardship.

Practice practice practice! Consistency at times of ease! It’s a mental skill and once you master it you can shift everything, almost everything in your life!

Spread this, share it with your friends. We meet next time in peace and I leave you [with] assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.


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