The Power of “Flexible”

Often we learn the lessons of life after some hardship or trauma, and we strive to hold on to those principles thinking we have figured it all out and mastered the game of life. But life has it’s ways of slipping from our grip and walking in through the back door. This is probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learned about life, and I’m still learning.

I’ve held the view that full time jobs are not so far from slavery. With little exceptions employers make loads of money while giving their employees merely peanuts. You can spend your life working hard for some company and ultimately have little choice about how to live your life and even less time for yourself and family and little money compared to the time and effort you put in. entrepreneurs and business owners earn far more because they have the guts to risk what they have or have the money to comfortably invest. I was a staunch opponent of full time employment, I still am, for sure.

However, I’ve started a couple of projects in the last few years and both of them crumbled. But I’m not done yet; I believe these are my stepping stones to the success I believe Allah created each one of us worthy of.

But a couple of months ago I got to a financial dead end and could not financially support myself and my family. At the same time I was offered a full time job. I thought to myself: I’m all the way against full time employment, but this is the only way I can take to make ends meet. After some serious thought and consideration I realized Allah was teaching me a lesson: life is not so straightforward; it’s more complex and you need to rise to the challenge. I favorably took this opportunity to learn and accepted the job. Now it’s been two months since I started working. I realized, life does not speak the language of black and white. We need a higher level of awareness and mastery than the theoretical polarity of black and white.

I accepted this job as a necessary detour on my way to my goal. I now know that principles are merely guidelines but we need to understand their contextual and circumstantial manifestations before we can make absolute decisions and judgments. I’m more determined than ever to pursue my goals and to make my project a success but I’ve also learned that life needs us to be flexible and adaptable.

Working for someone else was way out of my comfort zone, but it taught me something: when the environment challenges you to be in a certain way, you learn to dig deep down into your values and into your goals to align yourself with them and connect with them at a deeper level; this will only happen if you truly believe in them.

I’m enjoying these days the art of flexibility and adaptability, which I had a very small share of in the past. Although it’s not my favorite environment or type of work, I’m growing everyday, I’m learning new things, and I’m getting more in touch with my true self.

I now think that pragmatism is not all wrong, just like absolutism is not all wrong. I don’t see how the middle point can be taught or learned theoretically, but life is sure to give each one the opportunity to figure it out.

Live positive and live in peace!

February 1, 2016

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