Early Rise, The Habit of Titans

wake up early and make the magic

It is early and the weak voice in your head is overwhelming telling you rest for a few more minutes. However, the seed of greatness within is begging you to not neglect it any more. It says wake up and start making life happen. Which voice will you respond to? This decision will shape your life.wake up early

What sets those who make a difference apart from others is that they take each day seriously. They treat it as the last day. It is a gift from Allah and they are determined to not let it go to waste. When the day starts, there is no time to waste. Each minute counts. By why does waking up early so important if you want to be of those who create an impact, those who want to leave a dent on this world?

When you wake up early you have won the first battle against Shaytan who wants to keep you lazy and useless. You start your day with a great win. Your discipline wins over procrastination and the voice of greatness within triumphs over the sloppy yawns of the lazy boy in you. This serves as a metaphor for the rest of your day. It reminds you that you can beat that part of you that drags you down. The side that tells you you are worthless. IT tells ¬†you you are unable and can’t make anything of value in this life. It is the vice of your Shaytan and the base side of yourself. And when you beat it first thing in the morning you put it in its place right there in the dark corner where it has no impact on you.

This victory sets the tone for the rest of your day. You know if you do what you need to do you can achieve what you want to achieve. What stops people from being the best they can and serving humanity with their God-given gifts is that they allow that negative voice to convince them that they can’t do much, that they can’t make a difference, and that they are not good enough. Achievers on the other hand ignore that voice and prove it wrong. When you defeat that voice first thing in the morning, you are more likely to maintain that pattern through the day. Such a day becomes a big step in the journey to fulfilling your dream.

When you wake up early and start your day with Allah, you are making a statement to your Creator that He is more important to you than anything else. You start your day standing in the presence of Allah acknowledging that this day is a new life, a new gift from Allah. This sets your mind on using it in a good way. You turn this day into a blissful of time of gratitude, devotion, and service. When you sleep in however, you skip the time Allah expects you to be there for Him. You allow Shaytan to fill your system with his poison and ruin your spirit for the day.

Waking up early while most others are sleeping sets you apart. You become one of the 5% who do what others are too lazy and too intimidated to do and thus you become one of the 5% who will achieve what the rest will fail to achieve. Create this powerful metaphor in your life. That you set yourself apart from those who live a life of mediocrity by powerful symbol of just waking up early.Wake up early1

Waking up early must also mean you start your day with a positive note. The best start is to thank Allah for giving you a new opportunity into this life with this new way. See it as a blessing and feel it in your heart. express your gratitude first in your heart, and then in your words. Set your mind to make the rest of the way a means to thank Allah through your actions. Everything good you do could be an expression of gratitude to Allah. This will set a positive and empowering rhythm for the rest of your day. And will get Allah to give you more. Remember, with gratitude Allah give more.

Move next to Prayer. This should take you into a different dimension. In your Prayer, you see how you came from Allah. That you are here in a short visit. That you don’t belong here. You came to make a difference and make your way back to Allah by manifesting the goodness Allah placed within you in meaningful and helpful ways. You vow to be true to Allah, true to yourself, and true to the world. You commit to turn your life into a masterpiece of loyalty to your source of being and service to His creation by crafting a life worth living and serving a cause greater than yourself.

I also recommend you start your day with learning something new. Learning means growth. Learn something you’ve never known before. You can do this by reading into a surah from the Quran, by reading a book or listening to a powerful talk that enhances your knowledge and skill in your field. When you wake up early you can do that. But when you wake up late, you spend your day catching up or lazing around.

When you wake up early, take a step to your dream. This will keep you energized and balanced. conquer your tendency to procrastinate. Put discipline first and make sure you move closer to your goal every single day. This is how great achievements become a reality. One step at a time, hour after hour of working to become better and do more to get to your destination.

Make a point to extend an act of kindness to a total stranger every day. Try to do that early in the morning or it may just become a chore. Do it with a fresh spirit. Do it because the other person is a human being and deserves to be treated with humanity and kindness. This will bring a lot of kindness into your life and Allah will reward you in kind.

Remember every time you wake up dump the voice that tells you there is more time. It is the voice of Shaytan. Listen instead to the voice that says wake up and start your mission. Great a head start everyday. After a while you will be far ahead of most people. You will be ahead in your game. You will make more difference and have more impact. Your spirit will grow and your relationship with Allah will soar. Be the greatness you are meant to be and when you leave this world, you will look back with a grin and be happy to meet Allah having fulfilled your mission.


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  1. Ghada says:

    Jazakom Allah khayran great words

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