Fully Engaged: The Secrets to a Rich Experience in Salah

This course builds your khushu’ arsenal in five action steps. The order of these steps is not carved in stone, rather they’re merely a recommendation I found that it worked best for me and for hundreds with whom I shared this material. However, the course still yields itself nicely even if you go through randomly; so feel free and savour it your way.

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The five action steps are:

Create a Khushu’ mindset.
Get a head start. Khushu’ begins before the Prayer.
Attunement: get in synch with the whole context.
Presence: the heart of khushu’.
Synergy: put all the steps together in a coherent whole and take your game to the next level.

Throughout the course I share some treasures Allah offers you when you pray with Khushu’. The rewards of having a khushu’-ful Prayer are terrifically mind-blowing. You have no idea how much you’re missing out when we pray in the, unfortunately widespread, robotic, mechanical, mindless, and heartless style of prayer.

I hope you will enjoy this journey just as I did, even more. When something you watch here and it ultimately works out for you, don’t forget to make du’aa for me. I’m also very interested to hear from you. So if your journey with this course turns out rewarding and exhilarating, please share it with me so I can share it with other readers on our blog (you can request anonymity) and maybe your story inspires others and you get greater reward.


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